A gentle, medication-free pain relief system that’s helped thousands over three decades.

Be pain free quickly and non-invasively with a natural relief method that’s helped so many.

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We believe that everyone should have a pain free future.

Pain affects millions of Australians everyday and impacts on how they function at work, their family life and their play.
Setters Pain Relief Townsville specialises in a non-surgical pain relief method.
We work with you and your body to provide a treatment plan. We complete treatments in the centre on the day.
You then have alterations you can continue to use in the home to manage and maintain your level of functioning.

Setters Health Centre has been a part of the health care industry in Townsville since 1991.
Our location to the new premises at 3/55 Anne Street, Aitkenvale, Townsville in 2023.
Has provided an opportune time to revamp our brand and change our name to ‘Setters Pain Relief’
to capture what we do more effectively.
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    The Initial Consultation is to discuss your individual needs and formulate your treatment plan, which will be suited to your pain relief objectives. This consultation also includes a treatment utilising Bowen Therapy, which is a safe, non-surgical approach.

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    Bowen Therapy is a dynamic system of muscle and connective tissue therapy that encourages the body to heal itself. It involves a gentle roll, or move, over the muscle and fascia. These moves occur across your whole body in a set system of moves. Each move or set of moves, are interspaced with small waits to allow the body to process these moves.

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    By following a series of Golden Rules for 24 hours post-treatment your body’s innate healing system is stimulated to realign, re-balance and relieve tension and pain.

What we treat

Setter’s Pain Relief Townsville treats a vast array of ailments

From major conditions to small sprains, we can help relieve your pain in a natural method that requires no drugs or surgeries.


Benjamin Setter, Pain Relief Specialist

Benjamin Setter

Benjamin Setter is the only Bowen Therapy Pain Relief Specialist in Australia with more than 32 years of clinical practice. With an unequalled 40 000 individual treatments, High Distinctions in Anatomy & Physiology, and the ability to direct treatment plans for successful pain relief, thousands of Benjamin’s clients know that he will take the time, and save you time living in pain.
To Learn More About Benjamin Setter Follow This Link!

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Melissa Thorpe

Last week my lower back collapsed, I suffer from a long standing spinal injury resulting in herniated discs L4 and L5. This happens around once every five to seven years and the pain is severe. Like the six million dollar man, Benjamin has rebuilt my back from the pelvis up and I can now walk upright without pain. On going Bowen treatments means I can continue working which would be impossible otherwise with this injury.

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Mark Spraggs

I was amazed, after only a few sessions with Ben and Cindy I was starting to get some relief from pain, it was weird they hardly seemed to touch me but wow the relief is unreal, I could not believe I was getting relief from pain, over the next 2 weeks I was seeing Ben twice a week and was getting better and better, I have even forgot to take my medication on a number of occasions, I cannot thank them enough, they have given me my life back.

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Cheryl Hobson

It took about 4 sessions to get my body back to something like my old self and allow me to resume my normal life without discomfort. Since then I have recommended Setters and Bowen therapy to many friends, family and work colleagues suffering everything from sore necks and backs, headaches and sore knees and have had many return visits myself.

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Gerald Soworka

Best Bowen in Townsville by a long way. Only practitioners that practice the original unadulterated proven form of Bowen

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Mia Peronis

I went to see Benjamin because I was 10 days overdue with my first baby and wanted to avoid induction. I had been told bowen therapy could help. I have also had back pain for over 10 years, which I have tried everything from yoga to acupuncture to fix. Not only did I go into labour 8 hours after my treatment, my back pain has completely disappeared for the first time. Have already referred two friends since my visit.

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Karen Clarke

Mr Benjamen is extremely skilled at Bowen. When I first went to see Benjamen I had not felt my legs properly in 3 years due to an unsuccessful back surgery which resulted in nerve damage. After my first treatment I had full feeling return to my legs!! Which for me was nothing short of a miracle I now know to be Bowen Therapy. I would like to say a very BIG Thankyou to Benjamin and the team at Setters for their ☆☆☆☆☆ Services & Facilities!!!

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